Our deluxe double rooms and junior suites, located on the first floor of the villa, are truly spacious, bright and uniquely decorated.

The refined furnishings offer every possible comfort, king size designer bed and soft pillows and mattresses in latex. Every room boast a luxurius bathroom and a charming balcony on which to relax in privacy while sipping a glass of wine (listening to the sound of the sea).

Every room is equipped with:

  • Individual air conditioning
  • Free high speed wi fi
  • Sat TV ( SKY)
  • Mini-bar
  • High quality lines
  • Beach towels
  • Luxury courtesy bath kit
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe
  • Tea kettle and teas 
  • Terrace 


The names........

Though sicilian is considered a dialect, it is, in reality, a language in its own right, recognized as such by UNESCO.

We have therefore given each room a sicilian name and giving you the opportunity to learn a few words before your vacation begins. The sicilian gestures we will teach you when you arrive!

Mizzica & Amuni Suites

Each junior Suites of approximatively 36 square meters, is large, bright and comfortable.
Our ethereol mattresses are suspended upon four almost invisible crystal supports which offer a marvelous sensation of lightness, and thanks to the transparency of the tempered glass, the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.
Each suite is ideally suited for  2 to 4 guests: one double bed + one double sofa bed.

" Mizzica" is an exclamation commonly used to express surprise or amazement 
" Amuni" is an expression which means " come on, let's go!"

Deluxe Double " Talè"

Particular care went into the choice of furnishings and fabrics to harmonize with the locally hand-crafted canopied-bed resulting in an exquisite atmosphere of refined simplicity . " Talè" is ideal for those in search of maximum comfort in a romantic setting.
Talè is an expression which literally means " look" and is uses methaforically by the sicilians to express amazement.

Deluxe Double " Akkura"

 Our bright and elegant room, furnished in mediterranean style candor. The freshness and luminosity of the whiteness continues into the bathroom. The purity of colour is interrupted only by the fabrics and decorative elements which recall the colors of the sea.
The essential designer bed rests on a single element of support creating a sensation comparable to sleep on a cloud.
 " Akkura" letterally translates into " Be careful" and it s frequently used by sicilians...especially when driving!

Garden Suite " Futtitinni"
If you prefer the comfort and genuine hospitality if a B&B  combined with the independence of a mini appartment, our garden suite is for you! 50 square meters indoors plus exterior space which allows you to relax or dine beneath an olive tree. A cozy but refined bathroom in which the bed is suspended on 4 almost invisible crystal supports which provides the marvelous sensation of sleeping on a cloud; a fully equipped mini kitchen area and a comfortable bathroom is in harmony with suite.

Design innovation was the key that achieved a sense of spaciousness, comfort and efficiency in a small area. 

"Futtitinni" literally means " not to give a damn"  but beneath its literal significance  lies a philosophy of life: take things lightly and in Sicily it is a way of life!